Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Parish



This marks our spiritual rebirth and our commitment to a new way of life in Christ.  We become new members of a Catholic Faith community.  As a baby, our commitment in faith must be made by our parents, or those asking for our baptism, until we are old enough.


Confirmation seals our Baptism and confirms our commitment both to the work of Christ and to the Church


This sacrament celebrates Christ’s presence among and within us.
We receive the real presence of Christ in the Communion we celebrate and share.


Jesus was forgiving and preached forgiveness.  This sacrament helps us realize God’s mercy.  We are given the experience of divine forgiveness, and given strength to forgive ourselves and others.

Anointing of the Sick

Jesus cured the sick and healed the sinner.   The sacrament of “Anointing of the Sick”  shares the compassion and healing powers of Christ with us as we struggle with illness and face death.   Always spiritual strength and sometimes even physical strengthening can come through the grace of this sacrament.


We honor and expect unconditional love and lasting commitment in marriage.  This sacrament joins two people in their commitment of love for each other before God.


Ordination is a commendation into the leadership ministry of the Church called Holy Orders.  This sacrament empowers young men, and celebrates their commitment to serving God and all those in the Church.