Planning a Wedding?


Wedding Preparation

When two become one…

Wedding Preparation Steps

Congratulations on your engagement! Interested in planning a wedding at St. Patrick’s?

1. Call the office at 608-783-5535 or contact us below to reserve a date, time, and provide your contact information. We’ll need to know if you’d like Monsignor Steve or Deacon Frank to preside over your ceremony to schedule.

2. Schedule a meeting with Deacon Frank at least six months before your planning wedding to fill out important paperwork and learn about church rules and regulations.


Wedding Music

As you prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage, please do not forget about the music for your Mass or Service! It is important to get this part of your preparation handled right away. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Decide upon and hire your musicians. St. Patrick’s does not provide musicians for your Liturgy. Sometimes, you may have a friend or family member who could sing or play for you. Two important questions to ask:

1) Can this person handle the difficulty level of the music for this most important day?

2) Is this person Catholic or does he/she have an understanding of Catholic Liturgy?

If you do not know anyone who could provide music for your Mass or Service, then please consult the  list of our parish musicians- given to you by Msgr. Steve or Deacon Frank. Each person listed is talented, capable, and experienced.  Those on the list also set their own fees.

2. Meet with your musician to determine your musical program. Your hired musicians should help you prepare your music list as only they know what they can play or sing! Because Marriage is a Sacrament and is taking place within the church building, it is important to note that suggestive or inappropriate song lyrics are unacceptable. Also- all music should be sacred in nature after the prelude when the Liturgy actually starts.

Catholic Liturgies should not include Wagner’s Wedding March because of the nature of this composition.
You need to plan music for the following places:

  • Prelude– usually 10-15 minutes of instrumental or vocal music.
  • Bridesmaids’ processional– instrumental
  • Bride’s processional– instrumental
  • Responsorial Psalm– vocal and instrumental (Suggestions can be provided by the Director of Music.)
  • Gospel Acclamation– vocal and instrumental- (Suggestions can be provided by the Director of Music.)
  • Candle Lighting– Optional (instrumental or vocal)
  • * For a Mass- you will need a 1) hymn for the Preparation of Gifts, 2) Mass parts- Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Amen, and Lamb of God 3) Communion Hymn. If you are only having a service, you need not worry about these.
  • Recessional– instrumental

3. After you have completed steps 1 and 2, you (or your musician) should submit the list of music to the Music Director for final approval.  You may call the parish for more information or send an e-mail to


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