Social Justice

Educate. Promote. Service.

Our Mission

We believe that every member of the human family is a child of God…created by Him in His own image, and therefore deserving of comfort, compassion, respect, dignity and love.

We strive to: Educate our parish in the areas of Social Justice, Promote and Awareness of the needs of others in our local and global communities, and make Service Opportunities available for our parishioners.

Interested in joining our group? Call the parish at 783-5535 and leave a message with your name and phone number or e-mail address and we will get you connected with someone in the group.


Our Activities

November – Habitat for Humanity
December  – The Giving Tree
January – Birthright and Wis. Right to Life
February – Causeway
April – Spring Gardens
May – Mothers Day Rose Sale

Ways to appreciate the work of others:

Resolve to be more conscious of  other’s good activities
Express your thanks to the teacher, the carpenter, the mail man and etc.
Respect work done by others by responding and being pleasant
Advocate just wages and good conditions for everyone
Honor picket lines by understanding the premise behind the action
Pay just wages yourself if you are an employer.
Respect and consult with your employees

Enhance your own labor:

Intend to work for God’s glory
Act responsibly
Be present to your work and your fellow workers
Honor the workers whose efforts assist you
Use your money for just and honorable needs.


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