Liturgical Ministry

Use your time and talents.


There are many ways that you can become involved in Liturgical Ministry.   You may want to be a distributor of the Body or Precious Blood of Christ.  You may enjoy reading and want to be a Lector (reads the 1st and 2nd Scripture passages ) or serve as a Commentator (reads the beginning statements and the closing remarks and announcements).  Perhaps you wish to work behind the scenes as a Sacristan (sets up for Sunday or a Weekday Mass).

Whatever your talents are, your involvement is important for us and for building your connection with the church.   Every Spring we send out a Time and Talent form on which you can choose to continue or begin a new volunteer duty in the parish.  After the results are entered into the database, you will be contacted or scheduled for your talent.


2020 Volunteer and Ministry Guide

Ministery Schedule

Involvement Levels

Sunday Masses – Masses are held on Saturdays at 5:15 pm, and on Sundays at 7:00 am, 8:45 am, and 10:30 am. Sunday Masses rely on volunteers to help provide a spiritually fulfilling Sunday worship experience. Our Parish requires choir members, sacristans, lectors and commentators, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers, ushers, and other volunteers each week. Contact Steve Nott at 783-5535 Ext. # for more information.


Weekday Sacristan –  Do you attend Mass during the week and would like to help set up for Mass one day a week? Weekday Sacristans help prepare the items needed for Mass (the chalice, the wine and water, and lectionary) and also help at Mass by reading scriptures and giving assistance at Communion.When Mass ends they make sure all things are cleaned up and returned back to normal.  Training is available!  Contact Steve Nott at 783-5535 Ext. #.


Communion to the Homebound – Our parish also has a number of volunteers who make visits to those who cannot make it to church on Sunday.  They volunteer to visit a parishioner in need, once a week (about 20 min.) to bring them the Body of Christ and pray with them. We also have volunteers who help with the Mass at the Onalaska Care Center.   We are always in need of volunteers to help. If you are interested in volunteering for this ministry, call Cathy Olson at 783-5535 Ext. 9.


Dealing with Illness- Do you have a loved one in the hospital? Are you unable to attend weekly Mass because of a serious illness? Do you want to receive the Sacrament of the Sick or Communion at home? Please give us a call to let us know your spiritual needs. Hospitals are not responsible for notifying Churches, but if you have a family member notify us, we can make a visit and keep in touch with you after you return home. While in the hospital you may be anointed by the “priest on call”, but you must let the hospital staff know your wishes.

St. Patrick Parish offers Communion to those who are unable to make it to Sunday Mass because of an injury, illness or long home confinement. Because of the number of people in the parish, we need you to call us and let us know your situation and request to have a volunteer bring Communion. If you have a family member who would be willing to bring Communion home to you from Sunday Mass, we can help set that up. If needed, we will ask one of our volunteers to make a Communion visit to you during the week, on a day chosen between the two of you.  You may choose once a month or once a week. (Approx. 20 minutes). Contact Cathy or Shealan at 783-5535 for more information.


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