Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Parish

Young Adult Frassati Society


Young Adult Frassati Society

Join us for Ministry by Caffeine July 28th and August 4th. We will go to 8:00 Morning Mass, adoration, and then go get some coffee and talk about the upcoming Sunday readings. 

August 9th everyone is welcome to join us for a day on the river. We will be canoeing the Black River. For information please email Andrew Brueggen at

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati was a young man who sought always to do the will of God in service to others. No matter where Pier Giorgio was, hanging out with friends, climbing mountains, traveling, etc., he always took the time to grow in his relationship with Jesus Christ. He was active in his parish from a young age and continued to be involved in and through his college years. Our goal is to live out his motto “Verso l’alto” (Towards the Top/To the Heights).

Everyone 18+ is welcome to join our Frassati Society in which we will regularly meet for community and discipleship. We want to actively live our faith inside and outside the church walls. As Pier Giorgio said, “Jesus pays me a visit every morning in Holy Communion, and I return the visit in the meager way I know how, visiting the poor”.

Please contact Andrew Brueggen for any information.